According to several EC Studies those businesses who prioritize innovation are also those who experience the highest increase in turnover (
Innobarometer, 2014). Some 79% of companies that introduced at least one innovation since 2011 experienced an increase of their turnover by
more than 25% by 2014 (source EC Portal). Small businesses are often creative, highly technical talent or real innovator linked within global/local
value chains.
SMEs Academy Avignon in partnerships with different EU and International Academic, multi-sector SMEs innovation expert networks and platforms
develops specific training and research solutions in this field. SMEs and their business relations require constantly innovation to access or to
strengthen their market position and competitiveness even if many EU support programs records a very low participation (below 20% of the available
SMEs Academy Avignon develops, on request by SMEs Intermediary organizations, sector business clusters and/or interested international/National/
Regional Institutions, intensive training and research based activities/reports, awareness raising campaigns, intensive coaching programs on :

  • SMEs digitalization transition,
  • successful commercialization of product and service innovations for SMEs,
  • industrial exploitation of innovative manufacturing technologies SMEs,
  • innovative business models and applied research transfer in SMEs,

Special cross – sector business programs and training the trainers programs on EU growth opportunities from providing most advanced products
and services from :

  • technological breakthroughs
  • new processes and business models
  • non-technological innovation and innovation in the services sector