Members and partners

CNA, the National Confederation of the Craft Sector and Small and Medium Enterprises, has been representing and protecting the interests of craft companies, SMEs, and all forms of self-employed workers for over seventy years. CNA has been the founding member with UEAPME, GSEVEE, CdL, APCMA, WKO and other SMEs EU organizations of the SMEs Academy Avignon.

CNA mission is to enhance crafts and small and medium enterprises, acting as their partner for development and promoting economic and social development. This goal is pursued through a structured and widespread organization, a system of companies providing integrated services and tailored consulting to enterprises, a modern structure that provides its members with assistance, information and innovative solutions.

The extensive spreading of crafts, both in large cities and in small municipalities, corresponds to a widespread presence of the CNA: the over 8,500 collaborators operating in the 1,100 offices of the Confederation provide not only services. CNA has the credibility, the professional skills and the strength of feeling co-protagonists of the success of small enterprises and the development of a sector that, alone, continues to create new jobs and new enterprises

The numbers of CNA creating value: nearly 711,000 members, 370,000 of which are crafts entrepreneurs, 20,000 industries, 30,000 microenterprises, 18,076 self-employed business (CNA Professions) and 232,055 former entrepreneurs not working any-longer.

Established in 1946, the CNA System is made up as follows:

  • CNA 19 Regional offices
  • CNA 96 District offices
  • 10 National Unions: CNA Food, CNA Artistic and Traditional, CNA Wellness and Health, CNA Communication and Services, CNA Buildings, CNA Fashion, CNA FITA (Transports), CNA Installation and Systems, CNA Manufacture, CNA Community Services
  • 4 Groups: CNA Young Entrepreneurs, CNA Women’s enterprises, CNA Tourism and Commerce, CNA Small Industry
  • CNA Professions
  • CNA Citizens
  • CNA Bruxelles