Research experts

Umberto Triulzi

Umberto Triulzi is graduated in Political Science with studies in economics at the John Hopkins University and London School of Economics. He is Full Professor of Economic Policy at the Sapienza University of Rome where he has been, from 2009- 2011, Head of the Department of Economic and Social Sciences. In the last years he has been Research Director of many projects in the areas of Monitoring Water Policies (European Commission, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, FAO, World Bank, UNDESA), Finance for Development (UNIDO), SME Internationalization (Confindustria, Italian Foreign Trade Institute, FORMEZ), Economics of Crime (Ministry of Interior). He is author and co-author of several scientific publications in the fields of Economic and Regional Development, European Economic and Monetary Integration, International Economics and Oil Price Dynamics. Recent books published: From the Common Market to Euro (1999), International Economics Elements (2001) with Veniero Del Punta, International Economic Policy with Pierluigi Montalbano (2006), International Economic Policy. Interdependence, Institutions and Global Governance (2012), The Economic Policies of the European Union (2010) and a new edition of European Economic Policies in 2016.
Recent articles:
“Crimes against humanity and migration flows: the role of International Institutions and of Civil Society”, in Conflitti, Vittime Civili e Diritto Internazionale, 2017.
“The ethics of labour and the role of finance in the economy” in Democracy, Institutions, Ethics of Public Service, Il Grifone Collana published by Carlo Mosca, Editoriale Scientifica, Naples, 2018.
“Thirty years of EU Cohesion Policy in Italy. A Challenge from the Public Administration?”, in Review of the Arma dei Carabinieri, n. 4, October-December 2018.
“From the complexity of finance to a proposal for real economy growth, Centro Studi in Intelligence Economica e Security Management, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata, April, Roma, 2018.
“Democracy and Growth”, with G. Leonetti, Eurilink University Press, Bari, 2019.
“Migration Flows and Criminality: a legislative vacuum at the international and national level”, in Rassegna dell’Arma dei Carabinieri, october 2019.
“Geofinance Between Market Dynamics And Political Strategies”, with Federico Sergiani, in Geoprogress Journal, december 2019.
“Report On The Impact of Migration on the Sphere of Economy”, Maximizing Migrants’ Contribution to Society, EU’s AMIF Action Grant (AMIF-2017-AG-INTE 821672), 2020.
“Ethics and Economics in the World Of Globalized Finance”, Journal of Contemporary Management Issues, n°2/2020.

Charles Dannreuther

I have been involved in SME policy research since the mid 1990s when I compared UK and EU SME policies for a PhD in Government. Since then I have worked with academics and policy makers in a range of fields (including SME representation, EU accession, competitiveness agendas, social policies and inclusion) and places undertaking research and delivering training for a range of international and national actors. Much of my research uses different techniques to explore the distance between the interests of policy makers and SMEs and this has led to projects on SME finance, policy impact, regulatory burdens and the first historical study of the invention of UK SME policy. I chaired Europe’s largest study on the global financial crash and am now general secretary of the European association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) which promotes pluralist understanding of real world economics. I live in Brighton and am married with a son, a daughter and a dog.

Stylianos Mystakidis

Stylianos is a Learning Innovator and Researcher at the University of Patras, Greece. He is also a Professor-Counselor at the Hellenic Open University and Academic Teaching faculty member at the International Hellenic University. His formal studies include a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä (Finland), a MA in Education in Virtual Worlds (UK) and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Greece). His areas of professional expertise and research are learning innovation, e-learning, virtual worlds, metaverse, social VR, AR, gamification, serious games, open education and MOOCs. His works have generated considerable impact as he is included in the world’s top 2% most-cited scientists (University of Stanford’s list, 2022).He has extensive teaching experience in European and US universities. As an expert in Technology Enhanced Learning, he is actively involved in European projects, research and VET policy, cooperating frequently in various roles with CEDEFOP and the European Commission. 

Blando Palmieri

was born in Italy, 17th October 1942 and lives in Rome.

He graduated in Pedagogy and Philosophy at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and followed the Specialization course in Moral and Social Sciences.

Former Secretary General of Europmi, (European Organization of Independent Companies 1991 -1999) and has been active in promoting European policies for small businesses and the craft sector.
Project leader of different research works and European projects in the field of Vocational Training and Education, he is currently a member of the European Social Dialogue Committee for Personal Services where he follows the implementation of the Action Plan of health & safety in hairdressers salons in Europe and the development of a profile of a hairdresser and its competences (sustainability, digitalization, entrepreneurship) in 2030.