Technical experts

Dimitris Bimpas

is a graduate of the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia and holds two postgraduate Master degrees in Economic and Social Policy (MSc, University of York, UK) and Economic Science (MPhil, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens).
With regard to his professional experience, D. Bimpas has been for 7 years research associate of the GSEVEE Small Enterprises’ Institute (2012-2018), he was responsible for documenting GSEVEE’s positions, drafting economic policy recommendations, and was the project coordinator for preparing and analyzing biannual economic climate surveys for small businesses, annual household income survey; on parallel, he has participated in monitoring committees and working groups composed of representatives of international organizations and national bodies on issues related to the economic policy. During 2018, he has been appointed as an external expert of the International Labor Office, exploring primarily the issue of undeclared work in enterprises and barriers to transition to the formal sector of the economy. During the period 2016-2018, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the EOPYY (National Organization for the Provision of Health Services) and member of the Entrepreneurship Fund Investment Committee, as a representative appointed by the Employers’ Group.
Dimitris Bimpas has worked as a special advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Development and to the General Secretariat of the Government (in the field of investment policy, SMEs and the assessment of social and economic policy). He has involved in various research projects of the Department of Economics, University of Athens, with the main focus on the identification of the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. He has been appointed as teaching assistant in the course “International Economics”, in the postgraduate program “Accounting and Auditing” of the Department of Economic Science, UoA. He has also taught at the TEI of Athens, at the National Center for Public Administration, at the Institute for Lifetime Adult Education and other non-formal education schemes specialized on topics of public economics, economic policy and SMEs.
He has participated in working groups of the Economic and Social Committee of Greece, which drafts opinions on the bills submitted for voting in the Greek Parliament (indicative issues: minimum guaranteed income, business licensing scheme, investment law).

Michele Di Bisceglie

IT expert from more than 20 years. I gained good experience in administration and security of complex systems for the guaranteed delivery of web, email, database, virtual networks services. I have a natural tendency towards optimization in software, systems and streamlining and simplification of procedures. I learned how to give good comprehensibility to the project documentation. I enthusiastically face new projects, trying to make teamwork efficient and giving the right priorities in the respect for the proposed objectives.
I have been involved as IT expert in universities, health care institutions, research institutes, and different European projects.

Mariasilvia Ruga

Master degree in EU legislation and policies with a previous degree in Political sciences, major in International relations, Università degli Studi “La Sapienza” , Rome.
Areas of expertise and experience : management and dissemination of EU policies of concern to local and regional authorities; role and functioning of regional and local authorities, particularly in the european context; lobbying activities, research and consulting on EU legislation for european and international organizations, policy making process;
Places of work :Brussels, Strasbourg and Rome
Mother tongue : Italian
Other languages: English and French

Irene Falocco

is specialized in Local and Regional Development (Euro Design, consulting, Marketing), Public & European Funds, Fund Raising, Management, Marketing and Communication. She is a Senior Expert Euro-Designer with 15 years of direct experience: more than 500 multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary projects financed, managed and reported in the context of calls for proposals concerning direct programs and regional structural funds, national calls, opportunities by foundations and other rilevant organizations.
Expert teacher in training courses on planning / management / reporting of European projects related to local development, international cooperation, social, economic policies, training / education, culture and tourism.
She is a consultant for public bodies, sectoral and trade union associations, private organizations of training, culture and social issues.
She is coordinator of participatory processes and supports co-planning and management groups.
She supports enterprises, in particular SMEs and start-ups in the creation and development and in the application of innovative marketing and communication strategies and tools. Since 2014 it has been registered in the register of European designers. She has experience as an Erasmus + project evaluator.

Diego Pieroni

is specialized in local and regional development (Euro Design, consultancy, marketing), public and European funds, fundraising, management, marketing and communication.
He is an expert in management and reporting with 13 years of direct experience: over 400 funded, managed multisectoral and multidisciplinary projects.He plays the role of teacher in training courses on the management / communication / reporting of European projects
He is a consultant for public bodies, sectoral and trade union associations, private training, culture and social issues organizations, and is also in support of businesses, in particular SMEs and start-ups in the creation and development and application of strategies and tools for innovative marketing and communication.
17 years experience in the field of communication and IT.