Open E-survey: Best C-VET NET practices for crafts and SMEs in Europe

The PROJECT “Craft and SMEs VET-NET” (Acronym: CSV-NET), lies within the context of the Programme “ERASMUS+, Key Action 3- Support for Policy Reform, EACEA-37-2018”, Action “Dedicated VET Tools, Networks and partnerships of Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers” with submission number 609100-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA3-VET-NETPAR and is funded by European Commission.

The aim of CRAFT VET NET is to select and elaborate EU good practices in ecological and digital transition of existing cross business sector craft (ICT, manufacturing, service to communities and care, food, construction and others), new competences for start-ups and training practices, vocational training centres databases, learning methodologies, training tools provided by private and public training bodies.

The results of these activities, validated by an EU multidisciplinary academic and SME expert panels, will be summed up and updated into key policy recommendations to an EU SME training bodies project consortium, to discuss and disseminate within different SMEs sectors and various public (schools, training centres, innovation training hub, polytechnics, universities and private stakeholders. This objective is linked and is conceived to feed the VET Excellence initiatives form European Commission strategy and CoVE (acronym for Centres of Vocational Excellence).

All interested parties, being trainers or training and vocational training personnel in different craft and SMEs business sectors, human resources depts. of small and craft business organizations, women in business or foreign entrepreneurs willing to operate in the EU internal market, young students and researchers, are kindly invited to respond and submit the most relevant best practices of training competences tools/ courses/ methodologies/ partnerships, achievements and contributions to CRAFT VET Excellence in the different sectors and skills of SMEs.

At the end of this data collection process, we would seek to organize interviews and focus groups with the beneficiaries of the educational training courses (SMEs, private companies, technological partners, research learning institutes, training experts, apprentices) with the aim of evaluating the direct impact of VET courses/ projects on SMEs businesses activities.


The questionnaire serves research purposes ONLY.

CONFIDENTIALITY under the current EU regulation IS ASSURED for each respondent; data are used for statistical purposes.

Contact point: Academy Avignon