Conference “Vocational Training for craft and SMES: Towards EU excellence”


The online conference “Vocational Training for craft and SMES: Towards EU excellence”, which was co-organized by 5 distinct European partners of Craft and SMEs VET NET project (ECIPA CNA, IME GSEVEE, PIMEC, EFQBL Austria, SME Academy Avignon), took place virtually at 9th of December 2021, in Brussels, with the participation of social partners, European institutions and research & training institutes.

In 2 distinct roundtables, speakers and guests discussed contemporary trends  in the training sector and skills for SMEs and crafts pinpointing at best practices across Europe, digital and ecological transition impact on SMEs, and the optimal allocation of recovery and resilience facility for new skills and competencies.
The conference was addressed by the presidents of SME associations of GSEVEE (G.Kavvathas),PIMEC (A. Canete) and SME Academy Avignon (P. Gkofas).
A special part of the event was devoted to discuss the key policies recommendation proposal of the consortium as a key document of the event
This policy recommendation paper will be published, in the aftermath of the conference..